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Our search and placement services utilize effective advertising mixed with leading-edge recruiting methods to find your growing company the right people in an efficient timeframe.

Pricing Designed to Scale your Team

What we can do for YOU

Full-Service Search & Placement

We coordinate all aspects of the talent acquisition process up to a candidate’s accepted offer. The onboarding process is then taken over by the client.

Candidate Pipeline

Our search process begins by cross-referencing our national internal database of solar workers with the client's ideal candidate profile to find matches.

Innovative & Effective Advertising

We develop go-to-market messaging and advertising plans catered to each individual order. Our adverts are constantly monitored and adjusted to maintain peak performance.

Best-In-Class Recruiting Practices

We deliver qualified candidates that are vetted, interviewed, informed and ready to speak about landing a role at your company.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our pricing plans restructure traditional recruiting costs to give our clients affordable talent acquisition options. Get full-service recruiting without blowing your entire budget.

About our agency

At Revolution Talent, we believe that hiring and employee development are the most important factors to a company’s growth. That’s why we tailor our services to the needs of fast-growing companies.

We started with solar companies because we saw the explosive growth of young organizations in the industry that needed to scale their teams quickly and effectively. So, we designed talent acquisition campaigns that suited large-scale placement orders. In the process, we developed the best solutions for growth-oriented talent acquisition.

Our unique approach to talent acquisition became a hit in solar. We went from representing small 20-50 employee companies to some of the largest companies in the industry. Our largest client has about 2,000 employees. Now we’re bringing our flexible, efficient, and cost-effective growth style recruiting to other emerging and flourishing industries.

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